Buipe Queen Mothers demand to be included in Traditional Council Affairs


Queen Mothers in the Buipe Traditional area of the Savannah Region have appealed to be included in the Buipe Traditional Council.

The appeal was made to the Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Ebenezer Kojo Kum and Chiefs in the area.

According to the queen mothers, it was their hope that the membership of the new councils would have included them (Queen Mothers) but that has not been done, therefore the appeal for consideration.

Speaking to JoyNews on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Buipe Traditional Council in Buipe of Savannah Region, the Queen Mother of Buipe Bridge, Madam Bridget Mankir Barchisu indicated that the Queen Mothers’ caucus in the region has made a move to the national platform and are still waiting for a favourable response.

“For me, I was hoping that with all the sensitisation and the programmes that we had, it’s time for us to uplift the status of Queen Mothers’ inclusion into the traditional affairs, but we are still hoping because we are doing a lot of consultation to make sure that our male counterparts see it necessary to include Queen Mothers into their affairs (Traditional Councils)”, she narrated.

All 22 traditional areas in the Gonja Land have Queen Mothers who have been enskinned to help in the governance and development of their respective areas.

As such, Madam Bridget Mankir Barchisu said that, “I’m a little bit surprised though because I thought this programme (inauguration of Traditional Council) was going to include even the Queen Mothers in taking the oaths.

“I’m saying this because when you come to Gonja Land, the Queen Mother’s title is not just by any means that you will get it. You have to belong to a royal family, chosen or elected by your family members and to be presented to the tradition and enskinned as the Chiefs do”, she explained.

The Queen Mother who is an educationist and a former Assembly Member for Buipe, added that their non-inclusion into the affairs of the Traditional Councils is demoralising them.

“And so, it’s sometimes, demoralising when somethings are happening and Queen Mothers are not there. So, we need a listening ear”, she bemoaned.

But the acting Chief Director of the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Kananpewurche Fati Lily Soale responded to the concern of the Queen Mothers.

Source: myjoyonline.com